7 Things I Learned About Podcasting From The Ninja – And Then He Killed Me

In honor of Day of the Ninja (Ninja Day), I’m proud to offer, 7 things I learned about Podcasting from the Ninja (of course, then he killed me …):

  • Make sure your audience understands what this new medium really is. Ninja’s audience wondered “What is Podcasting?” and he explained it in simple terms. Our audiences deserve this kind of respect and assistance – it isn’t our fault they aren’t the geeks we are.
  • Make sure your audience has a chance to participate. As I type this in my $18 Ninja t-shirt (waiting for my DVD to arrive), I have to laugh at people who tell me you can’t monetize Podcasting.
  • Give up the concept of your content on your own site. Ninja is at Google, YouTube, Revver (and more) and he is better for it. Leverage what the Internet offers to get your message out as far as it will go. That’s the basis of this whole Web 2.0 movement. Develop your strategy for media distribution accordingly.
  • Ninjas hate George Clooney. Nuff said.
  • Having Ninja on your MySpace Friends list is guilt by association as powerful as being seen the “right clubs.” Social networking might not be for you, but there are some people who take it very seriously.
  • Have as much fun as is humanly possible when you produce your content and understand the limits of the medium you are working in. That shows through better than any fancy production, HD Camera, or special effect ever could.
  • I believe that I am Ninja too!

    P.s., if you’re reading this via RSS (or caught this a day late), my DOTN tribute blog header is also at Flickr.

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