Google Promoting Base For Podcasts Again … And It Still Doesn’t Work

Back in September I wrote about Google promoting Google Base for Podcasters and how it, simply, didn't work.

Well, I noticed the Adwords Ads are back today. I went through the tedious process again and, … well – here is what they're still saying about “accepted file types” for putting Podcasting at Google Base.

jpeg, png, gif, tif, and bmp

Text and publishing
Adobe PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt) , Microsoft Excel (.xls), Text (.txt), HTML (.html), Rich Text Format (.rtf), ASCII, Unicode, XML, and Word Perfect documents (.wpd)

All files will be validated to ensure that the file type matches the extension in the file's name. If your file has the wrong extension or is corrupted, it will be rejected.

Yes, I know the stock is trading at around $500 right now.

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