Microsoft’s Million Zune March

Everybody's talking 'bout Microsoft's claims that they're going to sell a million Zunes in the next year. The anti-establishment because it's cool to be anti-establishment types (AEBICTBAE) are crying “travesty.”

Get over it.

Microsoft is in serious damage control mode right now. Although they still ignore the blogosphere in regards to a product whose “best feature” is the social networking aspect (think about it – what if they released the new Visual Studio but didn't let the programmers look at it first), they are even trying now to work with the press to clean things up. It won't do much good – but it really won't matter.

They're going to sell a million of these things by next June – for two reasons: 1) pay for placement in the stores and 2) they're Microsoft. Lots of Dad's are gonna buy this for their kids because “it works so well with the Xbox the kids are playing these days.” Don't cry about product “X” being better – it just don't matter.

Examples outside of the tech world: Brittany Spears, Budweiser Beer, AT&T Phone Service, Lays Chips, etc. The list goes on an on. Crap products that sell in mass because of who pushes them.

Now, we KNOW that Microsoft will eventually release a Podcatcher for the thing. We KNOW that the the player can be upgraded via firmware. We KNOW that these players will have a part in the Podosphere.

And it is only a matter of time.

Microsoft has been kind enough to tell us that the time is June of next year.

Now, Will the Zune become a Podcasting conduit for the Brittany Spears Lays Chips Podcast Hour Sponsored By Budweister and AT&T – or will it be the home to our content?

It depends on how we embrace the player. It depends on if we make Zune subscription chicklets. I depends if we encourage Microsoft to join us (they're watching, just look at your server logs).

Version 1 is always lousy. Find me a single person rocking out to their v1 iPod. Find me a serious Mac head still using OS9. Show me a Windows 3.1 fan. Etc.

The Zune will be a major player. Any Podcaster who reads this thing wants to play with the major players.

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