I launched today. Lots of upgrades are coming but the heart of it is there.

This is the Blog that will track the Colligan Family 2007 experiment (I wrote about earlier) where all media that enters our house in 2007 comes only from the Internet, and via legal channels.

Feed is at for those of you who want to play along at home.

I would appreciate your comments on the best Blog and sites about the digital home – I have lots to learn. I need Media Center, Apple, Xbox, Unbox, Democracy Player, open source options, etc. … I need it all. Well, I don't need PVR stuff as I won't be taping anything – but other than that, I got an education in front of me.

And I hope to return the favor.

And, of course, please recommend the best video Podcast options for a family who doesn't want to buy everything they watch at $1.99 an episode.

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