I need more storage so that I can pull this dream off (o.k., Seagate, I’ll bite)

I've mentioned this before, but in 2007, the cable gets disconnected. No TV comes into this house by coax or antenna – if I can't get it legally via 1's and 0's, we won't be watching it. More details here.

I need a massive drive to store the following:

  • 200+ gigs of iTunes Store television show purchases (and an occasional Disney purchase for the kids). I'm gonna need my BSG, 24, Apprentice L.A. and more. Let's not forget Dora for the kids. Until iTV, I'll be sneakernetting these 60 gig at a time to my TV through the iPod video cable. Once I get my iTV, …
  • 200+ gigs of Amazon Unbox television shows and movie rentals. These will come to the TV via Xbox as Media Center Extender. I hope it works as advertised. I'll be telling the world if it doesn't (same it true for the Apple stuff, don't worry).
  • 200+ gigs of Akimbo content that should fill in the tv show holes without breaking the bank.
  • 200+ gigs of video (and audio) Podcasts that will, hopefully, replace a lot of my regular viewing habbits as I give all the content equal billing on my Sharp.

When the year is over, I want to point to the drive that “held it all.”

Will it be a Seagate? Will it handle the abuse my family will put it through?

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