Help Me Give The Real Story of Podcast Requirements @ CES

When I'm not at the Bloghaus at CES, I'll be prepping for, or giving, a presentation with John Federico from Audible and Russel Holliman from Podcast Ready on “Audio and Video Podcasting: The New Ways Consumers Are Getting Content For Portable Devices.” Should be fun.

In my few minutes of presentation in this panel, I want to give some real numbers on what Podcast consumers are “missing” from their Podcast consumption experience. Let's admit it, a device designed for listening to Brittany Spears ain't optimized for This Week in Tech.

I'd give some examples here, but I don't want to stack the deck in one way or another.

So, if you'd like a room full of device makers to hear what they're missing, fill in this form. I'm using a natural language polling system, so tell us exactly what you want from your PMPs that you don't have right now.

If you'd like me to email you a copy of my results, fill out that part of the form. It ain't required, but it will give you the final details. Consider it an ethical bribe to help me give some killer data to an audience who can actually do something about it.

Would love anyone who could send some traffic through this thing. The more “complaints” we have, the better. Again, the whole name and email elements are not required.

What Is Missing From Your MP3 Player That Would Make Podcast Consumption Better?

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When you click SUBMIT, it will submit your stuff to the database, and will take you to our Podcast Statistics page.

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