On Disclosures in Podcasting

As 2007 comes screaming towards us, I’ve got a plan to launch some other blogs and sites about the topics mentioned here. Some want to go deeper, others want the high level overview kinda of stuff we do here.

I’d also like to have some other authors join the discussion, and I can’t really do that well at a Blog called “PaulColligan.com.”

Year of Living Digitally is one of the Blogs, another is Affiliate Marketing World 2.0.

When Jason Van Orden asked what I thought about the Word of Mouth Marketing opion from the FTC in terms of Podcasting, I debated whether to answer him at this site, or push it over to the new Affiliate Marketing World.

I ended up putting it over at the new site. You can read my response on Podcasting and Affiliate Marketing there.

The long and short the piece is this – disclosure is always a good idea (and often times a profitable) one, but something that can’t be expected in every single situation because of the very nature of this business. Be smart, don’t be evil, that kind of stuff.

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