Mac Automator in Podcasting Question

So I was running through some ideas in my head about Podcast production. I came up with (what I think is) a great idea – I just don’t know if it is possible. I need my Mac friends again on this one.

Would it be possible to set up Automator so that what I’m done with a Podcast in Garage Band, I could push a button or two and …

  • Garageband would convert the Podcast to an AIFF.
  • Levelator would levelate the AIFF.
  • iTunes would convert the levelated AIFF to an MP3.
  • Cyberduck, or some other FTP program, would FTP the MP3.
  • The newly created AIFF and MP3 would be deleted, but the Garageband file saved.

I mean, if I could complete a project in GB and have everything else happen automagically (with the work files cleaned up) … wow.

This doable? Have I drank too much Apple Kool-Aide? I’d even pay a programmer to make it happen. Anybody have any recommendations? What would I do next?

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