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Bloggers are tagging each other with a fun little game. You state 5 things about you that your audience doesn't know and “tag” 5 other bloggers with the same task. I was tagged by Anik Singal, and, what the heck, I'll bite.

5 things you don't know about Paul:

  • I grew up in West Germany during the end of the Cold War. My parents taught the children of the U.S. Military. Was there from 79 to 88. Lived in Germany for 9 years but met my first Heidi on my first day back in the states for college. Married her 5 years later.
  • I once donned tights and played Romeo in a German/American (full) production of Romeo and Juliet. I somehow thought the sword fighting would make it all macho. Mom still has the video tape. I intend to steal and destroy it soon.
  • In the Michael Jackson concert movie Moonwalker, my mug is featured. Please don't tell anyone. I took a girl to the concert (in Germany) who was way too into the gloved one.
  • I have a year of graduate-level seminary under my belt. Considered, seriously, full-time ministry but feel my service to the Lord is best in the business space. I do however, continue to teach junior high Sunday school at my church and, honestly, love doing it.
  • Spent nearly 3 years in an Arthur Anderson type consulting firm, wore a suit 5 days a week, and was billed out for exciting things like middleware implementations.

So, who do I tag?

Alex Mandossian, my co-author, business partner and friend.
Armand Morin, the man behind Big Seminar (who doesn't look a thing like Michael Lee Austin).
Michael Geoghegan, Podcasting's Jimmy Stewart.
Christina Hills, the Shopping Cart Queen.
Jeff Sandquist, the smartest guy at Microsoft.

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