The Zune Manifesto

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I’ve seen nearly 100 pieces of email asking me what my “deal” is with Microsoft and Zune. Am I corporate stooge? WTF?

Here is my take on Zune and Podcasting – in as few words as possible:

  • When Microsoft makes it “easy” for their audience, on whatever platform (Zune, Windows Media Player, Xbox, Windows Mobile, etc.) to catch Podcasts, the Podcaster wins because the potential audience just got significantly bigger.
  • Podcasters that desire that the “media embrace Podcasting” should salivate at the idea that Microsoft will one day do the same.
  • Podcasters should support anyone, or anything, that could make their audience bigger.
  • Zune is not a “bad” media player. The Windows software that “manages it” is terrible. The marketing campaign is even worse. Software and marketing campaigns are always easier to fix than hardware.
  • Zune’s built-in Wifi could, when someone in Redmond flips the switch, enable the world’s first mass-market platform independent, wireless Podcatcher.
  • Microsoft is a sleeping giant scared of the “new media” and have only responded, to date, with a desire to control it (and within Windows, at that).
  • When Microsoft realize’s they can’t control it, they’ll (attempt to) produce the equipment and software to dominate the space. We’ve seen this before. Look at Xbox. Look at Windows Mobile. Look at their market share too!
  • When Microsoft finally enters our little world (and they will), and we respond intelligently, our increase in numbers will make for a lot more profitable Podcasters.

So, my sites and Podcasts about Zune … will always discuss the Podcast industry as a whole (with my angle on the profitable). I will never hold anything back. You want the whole story, subscribe away friends. will track the saga of those who want a little Podcast luv from Microsoft on their Zunes. Twill be a bit obsessive at times, but I have to keep some people focussed. is the video Podcast that hopefully shows Microsoft the kind of fan attention (and industry support) they could get if they listened to their audience.

So, yes, I think Podcasters should look at Zune and Microsoft for what it could mean one day. Yes, v1 was a lousy launch, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t fix things with v2. (Anyone remember the first game to come out on the Xbox?)

And if they do, we’re all better for it.

And yes, Microsoft, I would love to help.

Thus ends my Zune Manifesto.

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