With All That Zune Bashing, I Thought I’d Link To This

In my Year of Living Digitally project, I had one “hole” in the plan. I had no way to watch MP4 or MOV video Podcasts on the television in “true” couch potato mode.

Yes, I could hook up the video iPod via the video cables, but I’d have to run the shows from the video iPod, not a remote control.

Yes, I could hook up a computer to the TV, but don’t really want to do that yet. I’m holding that option open – but I just don’t feel that a computer hooked up to the TV is something most folk will be willing to do.

Yes, I know iTV is coming and, … I CAN’T WAIT.

But what do I do between now and then?

Well, it turns out that Zune converts video content (MP4, MOV, etc.) to 320×240 before it shoots it over to the Zune. I’ll leave the deeper implications of that approach open to the peanut gallery.

So, I can connect my Zune to my Xbox and watch all the Podcasts I want with my cool XBox remote. All the details are here.

320×240 ain’t perfect. I much prefer the WMV versions of Podcast’s that got ’em but, friends, I now can watch Ze Frank on my television.

Merry Christmas Sports Racers.

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