Andrew Baron Launches “A Creative Studio for People.”

Andrew Baron of Rocketboom has been hinting / writing about his new “creative studio for people” for the last week or so. He’s finally announced some very interesting details. I recommend reading the entire post, but have some comments anyway (At the very least, follow the comments from Robert Scoble. Someone is sounding very defensive):

Abbey Corps is about enabling content creators by building community.

Admit it, sounds great, but also sounds like something that could have come out of a Web 2.0 generator. Keep reading …

there is no need for Abbey to compete against anyone

Economic alchemy is always music to my ears.

And this is why I love Podcasting so much. I know that sometime next year, I will be watching (well produced) Podcasts with a segment budget higher than my yearly salary side-by-side with Podcasts produced on Ramen noodles. That’s the charm right now.

And, anyone but me noticed the Ramen produced ones are incredible – but the big budget ones haven’t arrived yet?

So whats wrong with these new networks? Nothing is wrong with them! They seem to be working.

I question if they are working. Anybody satisfied with their numbers these days?

The typical new network stands to make a percentage of ad sales but must spend on a whole lot more to provide adequate support, such as bandwidth, design, production, talent management (drama), IT, PR, legal, to name but a few.

All of this added expense requires a lot more share in the ad sales and show equity for the network to make it.

It then becomes natural for the network to provide weak support in areas beyond the ad sales.

And for the networks that fund these things with VC money that has to be paid back many-fold, what do you really have in the end? One millionth (no way I spelled that one right) of a very big pie just isn’t as exciting as my own pie – even if she’s only for one.

Cause, of course, I only need to feed one family right now – and it sure makes the books easier to complete at the end of the day.

This is the secret here, and the part that everyone else is missing. This is the part that excites me – and the element that everyone else should be focussing on.

How often do you hear Andrew complaining about his bandwidth bills? How often have you seen RB pitch bandwidth providers in exchange for their keep? What VCs are behind the ‘Boom – and who is going to get ritch if Andrew does?

Some Podcasters love to pound on how the middleman is dead, yet pay their bills with middleman money and deliver their shows on middleman bandwidth using middleman servers.

Death of the middleman is not a shell game where the middleman get’s a new name, death of the middleman is as real death.

Andrew’s simple production engine is a model worth investigating – and it looks like it is a model we’re going to get to look at that much closer.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about 2007.

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