Did John Edwards Announce Something?

Updated: The Edward's Podcast was on Tuesday so, calendar wise, it is looking like that was the “scoop.”

According to our Rocketboom friends, John Edwards “announced” something on YouTube earlier today. It was a Rocketboom “exclusive.”

Scoble, who often tries to link to source material, not always the “A” listers, points to the Guardian and Google News for source material on the announcement. Some might find humor in the fact that he did so from the Houston airport having missed his flight to cover the big announcement for Podtech.

Rob Walch claims it twas Edward's Podcast wherebywhich the announcement was made. Full disclosure (best I can): Edwards wrote the foreword for Rob's excellent book and Rob produces his Podcast.

I actually though the announcement was made when he was at Gnomedex earlier this year – but what do I know?

Rule #1 of politics – make everyone you deal with feel like they're the most important people in the world.

Mission accomplished – even before the announcement(s) was(were) made.

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