RSS to Email Now In Action

You read my earlier rant on email not being dead. As I look at my year-end numbers and see how much revenue has come in from email, oh man, she ain’t even close to dead.

But for me competitors, please, she’s really mighty dead. Really dead. None more dead.

I was playing with some RSS to email options and I found an option that will allow me to run a traditional RSS to email service – using the same email server/system/service that I’m using right now for my other stuff. So, in short, I can have all of my emails in one system.

I tested it on my (cyber friendly, but not so RSS readin yet) friend Kelly Hodsdon from and, after a few days, he dropped me this email this morning:

I have to say that I’m really loving getting your Profitable Podcasting blog via email. This is now, hands down, my preferred way to read blogs. I love getting the postings right into my email inbox which is where pretty much all the other pieces of information I need to manger eventually end up. I can’t believe how much easier it’s been to stay up on the latest.

I’ve been using Bloglines, but now I’m searching for an rss reader that will email me just like your blog does.

Now remember here, Kelly makes his living online. He’s not a NOOB somewhere who doesn’t know how cool RSS is. He get’s it, just prefers email, because it is what he knows.

And it’s what a lot of people know.

And I’ve switched over to it today. If you fill out the form to the right, you can get updates to this blog via email. The RSS options are directly below.

By default, I have it send an update every time I post. It happens pretty quickly too. If anyone thinks I should change the frequency, comment here and I’ll certainly consider it.

And for those who are interested, I’m using Warning, this is one of those links where I see an affiliate commission if you buy the service. But of course, as always, the blog content remains free – no matter how you subscribe.

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