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Yesterday, January 3 (2007), for every Website visiter I had here at the site, I had 2.453 unique hits to the RSS feed.

What does this mean in real numbers?

Well, the audience that reads my content via subscription is nearly two and a half times the size of the audience who comes by this blog.

Yesterday, at least. Stats are fascinating things, but this is the general trend.

Should we give up on the Web? Is everything RSS? Is the, as some pundits have screamed, dead?

And what does this have to do with Podcasting?

And, of course, previous chat about email. How does it all fit together in the 2.0 world?

It really isn’t complicated – the issue is this: MULTIPLE MODES OF TOUCH

Web: This is the lowest common denominator that most people know. My Mom knows what a Website is. You can put them on business cards, you can mention them when you’re on the radio (or tv), you can put it on a shirt.

The Web is also very important because of the search engines. Not only is it where people go because they know it (let’s face it, Google gets the good buzz), but it’s where they go when they don’t know what they want – or that you even exist.

It’s like a phone number for Web businesses. It’s what people know, it’s what people want, it’s what people ask for.

Therefore, give it to them.

And make it look nice.

Email: I don’t care who you are. First thing you did this morning was check your email.

It’s the first thing a zillion people did this morning.

O.k., a few ubergeeks went to RSS, but that isn’t the focus of the regular world.

And, most people use the email inbox as a task list so having a good email with a link is going to get people to act.

RSS: This is what most people miss. RSS is one computer talking to another. Therefore, it is something that one computer should write for another computer.

So what does this all mean?

1. Produce the content that your audience wants – be it text, audio or video.

2. Have an attractive website that acts as a portal to the content. From that website offer email and RSS options for people who want the content pushed to them.

3. Have the email and RSS automated so you can focus on #1.

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