Rocketboom Has Some, Mind the Pun, Explosive Plans

I was catching up with my video Podcasts on the television set in the family room during lunch today (yum, tuna sandwich) thanks to the Year of Living Digitally Project (which has gotten some great press – thank you, PVRWire, and JKOnTheRun just to name a few).

Today’s Rocketboom hit me where it counts, twice:

The first was their discussion of iTV and how it might change the face of video Podcasting. I honestly couldn’t agree more.

The reason I’m so pro Audio Podcasting at this point is because the consumption models are already part of our daily lives. Pretty much everyone I know owns an iPod (or has been looking for an excuse to buy one) and telling them about Podcasting as a media option always lights up their eyes – and moves them to action.

When I tell them about video, they ask me, point blank “Do you expect me to watch video on a computer screen?” It ain’t there yet.

This is quickly changing and iTV has the potential to both change the game very quickly – and make it cool at the same time. I hope they do.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have attempted to pull off the Year of Living Digitally if I didn’t know iTV was coming this quarter.

The second element to today’s show (and do watch) was the enthusiasm in which they’re taking on this new year. Promising more music integration, behind the scenes training (I’m guessing some work with Abbey Corps), some political accountability, and more interactivity with Joanne, I can tell they’ve got a plan past “more of the same – hope the audience is bigger.”

Because, let’s face it, this year is going to be very different than the last.

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