Learn From Microsoft’s Very Costly Mistake – Get Your .Com Before Someone Else Does

It finally hit me today.

For some reason, I get 10 to 1 comments on this page over at Zune Luv.

10 to 1 comments. I only let a few of them in.

And the comments seldom have anything to do with the topic. They’re usually comments from people with questions about Zune.

Did some stat pounding today.

Guess that the #1 keyword is for traffic into ZuneLuv?

Yup, that’s right, “Zune.com

And, with a bullet at that.

You can track the whole Zune.com issue over at ZuneLuv.com.

But here is what it means to you …

Microsoft, a big gazillion dollar company forgot to pick up the Zune.com domain name until it was too late. Look at the site, the people are doing nothing with it and probably would have let it go for like ten grand before Microsoft started telling the world they were coming up with an iPod killer.

They’re losing traffic for people looking for Zunes.

They’re losing money when these people aren’t buying Zunes.

And, let’s admit it, they’re losing some respect from Geeks who wonder “Why couldn’t they get the freaking domain name?

I hear a dozen or so Podcast advertisements daily for Podcasts that are promoting their Feedburner Feed or their Libsyn address. Nothing against Feedburner of Libsyn, but ain’t your Podcast worth a domain name?

They’re really cheap.

And they can be very important in your game.

I, personally, bought my own Domain Reseller at 1PlaceForEverything.com so that I could get my domains at wholesale (warning, don’t buy domains there unless you want me to see a profit).

Yes, I own that many.

I’m not recommending you have hundreds, and your own account manager, but do grab your own domain name before someone else does. Because, gosh darn it, a good chunk of my readers are going to be famous one day – and I’d hate to think some English holding company will own their domain.

We’ll leave that kind of nonsense to Redmond.

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