It’s Good To Be A Blogger – CES Receptions and “Haus”es Oh My!

As mentioned earlier, I'm looking forward to getting away from the crowd at Seagate's Bloghaus at CES. It ain't the food and connectivity (us speakers get that in the speaker lounges) – it's the people. Imagine a suite full of the like minded trying to change media. I can't wait.

Tuesday at 5p I'll be at the Blogger Reception sponsored by CES Bloggers at the Atomic Testing Museum. I'd say something about how it will be a blast – but that would just be too cheesy.

There's a chance I might have some access to the Microsoft Press Tent via some friends at Zune. I will for sure be at the CES hookup with Bill Witress of Maybe I'll get some answers about this Zune Podcasting issue.

It's good to be a blogger.

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