Gates Keynote – I Did Well On My Predictions

Engadget has some great blow-by-blow coverage. I won't even attempt that here.

My comments.

Media Center. They spent 5 seconds on their content partners for video on demand – Vongo, Showtime – and I can't remember the other. When you give such little attention – it's obvious that things aren't for prime time (sorry about the pun). I assumed that announcement would be Xbox related but I think I got the spirit right in my prediction yesterday.

Windows Home Server. Features include automated backup, connectivity, remote connectivity, expandability, etc. Sound like a great Media Server – just like my prediction.

The Connected Division. Connected entertainment. Whenever, wherever, whatever device. “Entertainment is about community.” First example: Urge Music Service. Yeah, that's doing well. Emphasis on “that platform” – Plays for Sure. They promise they aren't abandoning it. As for Zune – really – they claim they're “the number 2 already” (but didn't announce anything, as predicted). Talking about phones, they're bragging that they're outselling Blackberry. Gaming: PC and Windows is the #1 gaming platform in the world. Vista is going to expand that. Showed a video about gaming on Vista with nothing in it that couldn't have been a gaming on Xp video a few years back.

More on Xbox 360. 10.4 million consoles sold. Majority of owners are new to the Xbox platform. 2.7 millions copies of Gears of War sold. 160 titles. More than 300 by end of year. Halo 3 video. Showed the commericial we've already seen. 5 million members on Xbox Live. New option “Live on Windows.”

TV and Movies. 4 ways to get hidef: 1) HDDVD on Xbox 360. 2) Media Center. 3) Xbox Live Video. 4) IPTV.

IPTV Instant, on demand, “everything you'd expect.” Holliday 2007. Gee, didn't I predict:

funny thing is that nobody will really understand what the initiatives are. And, yes, it will be announcements only – we won’t see the results for months.

Information in the Car. Ford Motor Company. Sync product. Ford Exclusive for integration – full integration with Bluetooth phones. Phone vendor partnership, as predicted. Nice thing is, this gig will work with all phones (including Apple's release?) and alienate no one. No release dates (“this summer”). As predicted. Not even a demo video for this one.

In the Years Ahead. Typical forward looking stuff that Microsoft does. I'll add to th predictions that one day they'll embrace Podcasting too.

I'm really not that down with Microsoft – I love the company something fierce – I just wish they'd focus on what's really happening, not what the gearheads are telling them is happening.

That's how I could make these predictions. They're just not that complicated anymore.

They'll wake up to Podcasting, they always have, it's just a chore to wait.

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