CES Day 1 – And I Didn’t Spend A Minute At Any Hall

Don’t worry, I’ll spend some time wearing out the sneakers but first things first …

Bloghaus twas an event to behold – great people, great connectivity (not always easy in Vegas), great food, great beer (and for an Oregonian, that’s important) and wine. Add to that an almost cheers-like element where everybody knows your name and, gosh darn it, Seagate and Podtech knocked one out of the park.

Best Piece of Class Award: When I signed in to Bloghaus, they gave me $25 cash for cab fare.

Best Schwag But Only Schwag So Far Award: Microsoft “Get Ready for Vista” Boxes. Included in the box, a copy of Star Wars Lego 2 for PC. Oh yeah, one of those 2 gig flash drives that makes your Vista machine boot faster too!

Best Gotta See It Buzz So Far Award: SlingCatcher. Gotta see that that. Makes my Year of Living Digitally project all that more interesting.

Best Podcast Brother To Play Blackjack With: Tim Bourquin.

Best Podcast Brother To Keep Your Money With If You Don’t Play Blackjack As Well As The First Podcast Brother: Emile Bourquin.

Best Blogpost for Hard Drive: Won 2nd Place in the Seagate “More Storage Contest.” Won me a very cool 160 gig small portable hard drive. Could actually use that more than the big one right now so, Seagate, thanks …

At noon I’m having lunch with Cesar Menendez of ZuneInsider.com. Yes, they’re still willing to talk to me. He’s actually going to try to attend the two Podcast sessions at the Venetian as well today.

On a fascinating side note – at Bloghaus I spoke with not 1, but 2 different Podcasters who want me to keep pushing the stop selling yourself short campaign. This is a very mature media doing some very impressive things and it is time for us to stop accepting $10 CPM.

More later. I got a Steve Jobs keynote to get ready for.

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