His Steveness Speaks at the Macworld Keynote

How did I do on my predictions? I’m gonna bet well.

As always, playing along live with the Engadget liveblog.

First announcement out of the box. iTV is now Apple TV. Thing has a hard drive inside of it to make caching possible. Smart move. Looks like it pulls everything from computers around the house – including Podcast content. Podcast content is right in the main interface for Apple TV. Looks gorgeous – not that we’d expect anything else.

Hmmm, Apple is taking over and they keep pushing Podcasting. Microsoft won’t mention Podcasting and their marketshare is, well, their marketshare.

Apple TV – shipping in February – taking orders today.

Next …

Three new products announced today: Widescreen iPod, Phone, and a “Breakthrough Internet Communications Device.” I have a feeling we’ll hear about that last.

By the way, for the record, as predicted.

Here’s the cool part – it’s all the same device. And yes, they are calling it iPhone.

The interface is stylus-less. Something called “MultiTouch.” Jobs brags that they have patented it something fierce. Good for them.

Oh wow, iPhone runs OSX …

And it syncs with iTunes, and mail, and iCal and the list goes on. Gorgeous big screen with nothing but screen. 160ppi screen at that.

And it is thinner than the “Q.”

3 sensors that turn light up or down and switch to portrait or landscape as needed.

Steve demos and it looks amazing. Gorgeous in every way.

    Freeform thought here but … what happens to Podcasting when the most gorgeous of phones makes it really easy to listen to Podcasts? All those phone Podcast types who were into the over the phone network meme – is this better? I’m going to guess/bet so.

Full Internet connectivity – Safari on the phone (it does run OSX), Wifi, etc.

Can you surf the Internet for Podcasts and subscribe right from your phone? Can you download Podcast content over Edge/Wifi?

Yahoo – push iMap email to iPhone customers. Just like Blackberry. Very smart move Yahoo.

$499 4 gig / $599 8 gig. Cingular. Shipping in June. Hmmm, is it worth my $175 cancel from Verizon fee?

Exciting stuff guys.

Disclaimer: I own shares of Apple and Yahoo.

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