10 Minutes with a Zune Product Manager – What I Learned

Thanks to Cesar Menendez of ZuneInsider.com, I got about ten minutes with Matt Jubelirer, Zune Product Manager. An Edelman rep was in the room as well, of course.

Three interesting quotable take-homes from the meeting:

I asked point blank how they could support the “already #2” statement from Gate’s keynote. His reponse was that they are #2 in the 30 gig player space. He even offered a 9% marketshare (in that space). Two interesting thoughts: 1) Not that implausible 2) Creative and Archos are both in that space.

He said they are “on track” to their one million units by June goal. Obviously, the holliday season is the most important chunk of and sales year and if they’re still speaking of that goal, the holliday had to have been pretty good to them. Where did the sales come from? Don’t know, but I think they’re happening.

And of course, I asked about Podcasting and the Zune. Neither Matt nor the Edelman rep was surprised with my question. The response, “It is something we are working on.

The goal this week was to meet some Zune people and get an idea of how “serious” Microsoft was about this project. One of the funny things about being a multi-gabillion dollar company is that you can throw millions at something and still not be serious.

I going to go with Microsoft is serious about Zune. They understand their position in the marketplace and although I think they’ve made some silly decisions, this is a real player to be dealt with.

And, when we have a legitimate Podcatching client from Microsoft (they are “working on it”), we’ll do more to double our audience than the iPhone or AppleTV possibly can.

Phase 2 begins when I get home.

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