Apple TV – Yes / iPhone – Not So Much

When Steve started his keynote yesterday with Apple TV, I went a little nuts. This is the product (and the gazillion competitors it will span) will be the product that changes the face of video Podcasting. Simple elements like the hard drive for caching content will give this thing a usability that I'd be happy to spring on my Mom, etc. This is the product that will make my Year of Living Digitally experiment that much more fun.

Was I the only one that noticed that Podcasting was on the front screen during the demo? This is why I disagree with Scoble something fierce on his HD complaints for the thing. He completely misses the market for Apple TV.

Now, the iPhone. First of all, looks incredible. Gorgeous all the way around. I do think Steveness has pushed us closer to the all-in-one device in this launch. But, here are the issues that make me wonder:

  • Cingular only? Why? They're selling unlocked so they're not stuck there. Why can't I have one for Verizon? I know Steve loves the underdog, but why only give us one option?
  • I got Wifi and Edge on the thing. Why can't I download Podcasts wirelessly?
  • All reports say you can only put on the phone (program wise) what Apple puts on the phone. Why? I love my Treo right now but most of the software I use didn't come from Treo. Heck, the Mac I'm writing this on is filled with software not from Cupertino.
  • The change from Apple Computer to Apple Inc. – I get that but the implications need to be explored. Are they making the coolest phone on the planet? Are they developing the best email integration on the planet (with the Yahoo partnership)? It seems like they threw a lot of really cool things at the wall to see what would stick, found that a lot of it did, and put it all in there. Like my earlier point, I want a tool that let's me do what I want to do – not a tool that let's me do what Steve wants me to do.

So, at this point, not totally sold on the iPhone. I think the cost (of the device and of switching to Cingular) will prevent a lot of switchers (the mighty John Federico told me yesterday that he was sure we'd see a Verizon version so who knows on that one). And, finally, it seems like it is preventing me from doing things on my phone that I'm already doing on my phone.

And that sounds very unApple like.

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