My Own Little Mini CES Announcement – Affiliate Guy Podcast 02001 For Sale

I do need to get back to the show floor, but I had to put this up today.

We’re gearing up Affiliate Guy Podcast (which was the first Premium Podcast ever) for season 2. Among other things, we have a new channel for sales.

You’ll notice that the first episode of (season 2) the Affiliate Guy Podcast is up for sale at You might, or might not be impressed.

It’s a free-and-clear MP3 file. No encryption here. Smart move? We’ll see. Had to test it though.

But what gets really interesting is that the file is also for sale at, and 997 other online stores.

Audible is not on the list, yet, but I am truly not just syndicating my content via RSS, but through a thousand online stores as well.

Syndication is very powerful, and in the reach of anyone interested – not just the big players.

Disclosure: If you buy the Affiliate Guy Podcast, I see some of the revenue. I am also owner of the and

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