Apple Opens Fairplay? What Does This Mean?

According to, Apple has opened the Apple Fairplay DRM system (or will be opening it very soon). Don't worry, it ain't that big of an announcement – but it does say something interesting about the “marketplace.”

According to the piece, there are only two places where this will be allowed:

the first will be to allow streaming of protected AAC content via USB; the second will be to licence its Fairplay DRM to the company's Made For iPod licencees.

Apple cracked – in a good way. They realized that they can't keep things entirely closed. People have to be able to play protected content on their “Made for iPod” products and Apple has to let them. This is good for all involved.

Stuff keeps getting more and more connected. If Apple wants to remain part of this space, they're going to have to “talk” to others and let others “talk” to them.

Let this be a lesson for Microsoft Zune.

Disclaimer: I do own shares of Apple.

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