Rocketboom Reports >$247K In Revenues For 2006

Andrew Baron of Rocketboom reports that Rocketboom generated more than $247K in 2006. Run the numbers a little deeper and you’ll find that 84.9% of that was advertising – the rest was “consulting and merchandising.” Very impressive. At PME last year Andrew shared that their merchandising efforts have been minimal at best.

The far more important story here, and I don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle of the “nearly a quarter million” buzz, is that Andrew has no V.C. money, no board of directors to report to, no office of 30 support staff and certainly no union issues to deal with every time he turns on the camera. Even better, when he wants to do something, he can, without calling any meetings. Those kind of sales “mean something” when you run small – but can be devastating when you run a traditional media enterprise. That kind of power to act is what this industry needs. In short, I’d take his books over any body else out there right now.

And this my friends, is this power of Podcasting – and a great example of what can happen in this space when the focus, attention, and I dare say heart, are in the right space. By the way, as mentioned earlier, if you haven’t watched Rocketboom recently, they’ve got a new groove that points to only better things this year.

Andrew, thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve and giving us an inside scoop on all elements of your business.

P.s., It is also important to note that with the “other” (and now, closed) Rocketboom story of Amanda Congdon’s departure last year, Andrew is again 100% owner of the ‘Boom. 2007 is his to do some very impressive things with – and from what we’ve seen so far, that will be no problem.

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