Am I The Only One Noticing Serious Nokia Podcasting Action?

It seems like every Video Podcast I watch has had some Nokia device integrated in the last week or so. Sure, I don’t watch them all – but when you get Curry, Geekbrief and Rocketboom all making mention, you begin to take notice.

The announcement that Blubrry was an option in the Nokia Podcast Application also caught my attention. Is anyone else integrating multiple Podcast directories into their Podcatchers?

I do believe the future of Podcasting is getting this content to people through something other than a computer. Phones have always seemed a natural option. Heck, I think that’s why the iPhone concept has garnered so much attention.

I’m looking forward to taking my N91 to Europe when I attend the Podcast Summit in London in March. I already got my SIM card and I’m pondering using it as my only Podcatching device during the trip.

Come to think of it, I’m taking that phone to lunch today to record Episode #4 of the Zune Brothers – so I guess I’m getting into the action too.

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