The Ninja Kills In Podcast Advertising Deals Too!

The Ninja inked a $300K up front plus 60% of ad revenue deal with Federated Media reads Talk about making a killing. O.k., Ninja jokes stop here.

Now that Johnny Cash has passed (who I also secretly believe was Ninja), this couldn’t have happened to a nicer man in black. Really I stop the jokes now.

Now that Ask a Ninja is now out of the red (I can’t stop myself) and in the black (o.k., they’ve always been in the black), I think you’ll see a new level of output and quality from these guys. One telling quote:

Nichols was happy to disclose that he and Sarine relied on the “business expertise” of United Talent Agency, which negotiated the deal.

Sometimes we do have something to learn from the “old guard.”

I look forward to reporting on the next Video Podcast ad sales killing soon.

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