Disney Sells 1.3 Million Movies In 3 Months On iTunes … We’re “Ready”

The Financial Times reports Disney sold 1.3 million movies in their first three months with iTunes. Side note: unlike the music and television track records, I did nothing to help that number (I just can't wrap my arms arond buying a digital movie yet – although I have no problem with the digital pay per view concept).

As I said on Wednesday, the infrastructure for digitally delivered ala carte entertainment is in place, and it is quickly being embraced by the masses. 1.3 million in sales is even enough for a company like Disney to notice.

And I can't imagine their largest shareholder isn't rubbing it in their face.

I would love to hear what kind of numbers Microsoft is doing with the Xbox 360 movie marketplace. I can't imagine it is as impressive – but I bet the numbers are there.

Vongo just announced streaming to the Xbox 360 (I've tried it, and it works like charmer). It's nothing but digital kids movies this weekend and I imagine a day very soon when my daughter asks what ever happened to our DVD player.

So the audience is ready to embrace.

The technology is ready to enable.

Will you be ready?

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