At Least A 3.6% Conversion On A Low Pressure Podcast Email Ask

In Episode #46 of Marketing Online Live, we started encouraging our audience to sign up for a Marketing Online Live email newsletter. Unlike other experiments where we promised additional content in exchange for the sign-up, we merely asked people to sign up for the newsletter. A promise of a coupon off our coming Podcast Secrets class was offered, but it was very low pressure and our audience is savvy enough to know that they'll have plenty of options at the coupon.

Now you have all the variables.

We have enough downloads of this show to have some statisically viable numbers (I only give percentages when I'm working in 4 digit samples). A new episode will go live today so we won't be able to track this as well from this point on. But, in short, we have a 3.6% download to email conversion. I come from the 50% of downloads are listened to camp so I'm viewing this at 7.2%, but I wanted to give you the straight numbers.

How does this compare to other email aquisition strategies?

Last week's Weekly Podcast Tips Newsletter went out with a very soft-sell to sign up for the Podcast Secrets pre-announcement list. It was by no means my best copy – or a direct sell – but it is the best comparison I have to the comparable Podcast ask (that's why I did it this way). Conversion was a hair under 2%. With email these days, reads are even less than 50%, but I'm going to go with the Podcast ask as more effective.

This is by no means scientific and perfect. Control wasn't as good is it should be when giving off numbers like these but I live in the readl world of marketing so I had to go with what I had – and with what I'm doing.

What did I learn from this? A low pressure email ask in a Podcast converts about the same as a low pressure ask in an email piece.

That's something that all Podcasters should be really excited about.

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