How To Sell Your Video (Podcast or Otherwise) Content Direct To Tivo Owners (As Well As Anyone With A PC) In 3 Simple Steps


Tivo and Amazon got a lot of press today with their little announcement of Unbox integrating with our favorite little DVR box. You can, as always, catch the buzz at Techememe.

But this is considerably more important for the Podcaster. As I mentioned in January, Amazon is delivering Unbox content from

What does this mean?

1 – Video Podcaster gets account at Best I can read things, it's even free for titles you got until February 28. Now you need to have a DVD master (Ninja via Unbox anyone?) and DVD quality content but for many Video Podcasters, this won't be an issue.

2 – Sign up for the “Unbox Download to Own / Download to Rent” feature. As I read it, we got a 50/50 split.

3 – Wait 5 business days to get in their system and another 30 to get into Unbox.

Now I'm certainly not suggesting every hack with a webcam should get in on this deal. You need to have something worth selling (which means someone will buy it) but it looks like the path is there.

It's a good day for all video content producers.

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