Keeping Podcast Interest In Perspective

You heard these before?

Video Podcasting is where the real action is!

How about this?

Everybody wants to know how to Podcast.

There is, of course, this one …

Want to do well, make sure you're in a Podcast directory – that's where people look.

Shall we smash some perceptions?

In a collection of more than 301 million searches over the last 90 days. We have some very interesting stats.

There were 7% more searches for “Battlestar Galactica Podcast” than there were searches for “video podcast.”

Remember people, as much as I love BSG (as does a good chunk of my audience), it's a low budget show on an extended cable channel at risk (GASP) of cancellation. I'm just talking numbers here – not quality. So Say We All (insider BSG joke for the fans).

And if the Podcast (obscure) for a very obscure show has more searches than “video podcast” – I think that tells us something.

Don't worry, it get's worse …

More than 20% more searches for “Parrot Podcast” over “how to Podcast.” Yup, more people interested in helping their birds than recording their own show. This UGC revolution has been trumped by talking birds?

And of course my favorite …

… wait for it …

“Podcast Directory” versus “Baptist Church Podcast” – guess who has more than 50% more searches? Yep, the Baptists.

You gotta love the Baptists.

Keep it in perspective people. The numbers don't lie.

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