More Stats On The Webinar – Audience Increase Of More Than 400% Because Of Timeshifting

A few weeks back I held a free Webinar about The goal was to show people how to use GotoWebinar to create video Podcast content. We had a good time and a lot of you took a look at the content. I was thrilled to have you join me.

How about some stats, eh? As of the time I wrote this:

Ratio Of Live Participants Versus Timeshifted Consumers: More than 4 times as many people consumed the Webinar at a later date versus live participation in the event.

Percentage of Total iPod Downloads: 5.7% of the audience asked for downloads specifically formatted for the iPod. 7.5% asked for the Quicktime format. 1 asked for PSP format. More than 13% of the audience was looking for non-(traditionally)Microsoft formatted downloads.

Percentage of audience asking for downloads in the Microsoft Windows Video Format: 79.9%.

Conversion Of Participants to Paid Customers (So Far): 1.6%

What did we learn here?

By offering my Webinar as a multi-platform download for later consumption, I increased my Webinar audience by more than 400%.

I also have a piece of training material that I can archive and offer in other products that I might put together.

I also expect to sell a few more seats for the class without spending another minute on content production.

P.s., if you are looking to get into the class, I have 9 slots left. After that it is full.

UPDATE: CLASS IS NOW FULL. No new applicants will be taken. Class recordings will be offered as a bonus in the Podcast Secrets course.

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