Podcasters Interested In James Bond’s Voice Coach? How About Adama’s?

For many of us Podcasters, our pipes are the only thing we have to use to get our point across. Some training for making the most of that voice is always good. Training by someone who knows what they are talking about, and has some success in the field is rare.

I've been helping in the affiliate program for a “Vocal Power Coaching” event with Arthur Joseph, the voice coach behind a couple of famous Bonds (Connery and Brosnan), a couple of famous lips (Angelina Jolie), and a few other “no-names” like Anne Bancroft, Edward James Olmos, Charlton Heston, … and the list goes on.

The guy is good, the content is solid (I've seen the ouline), and the paid call is tomorrow night.

I can get my readers $79 off on the call through this link. I hope to hear your (now better trained) voice on the call. I will be there.

And, yes, under my direction there will be a recorded version of the call for your later time shifted consumption.

But I do suggest you be on the call live. He's going to make an offer that will make any Podcaster I know quiver like Angelina's lips. It will be gone before you get the recording.

Angelina's lips will remain.

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