Rocketboom Demographic Survey Results Released

Andrew Baron asked Rob Walch from Rob Walch from Podcast 411 “to be a neutral third party to validate the results from the Demographic Survey they were about to do.”

The results are online at Rob's Blog (including a link to a PDF with lots of pie graphs (who doesn't like pie?)). As always, I recommend you read the whole thing, but offer a few thoughts on the results here:

1,084 responses. Wow, excellent job. Talk about a passionate audience. I wonder what kind of results Katie C would get if she asked her audience for the same.

Gender Split. About right.

68% get their news from “traditional” sources. The ‘Boom may be a more left leaning Podcast than Rush Limbaugh would prefer but they aren't, by any means, extremists who only grab their content from the latest underground souce. They consume the ‘Boom side by side with everything else.

64% do not create audio or video content. The Podcasting audience has a BIG percentage of Podcasters in it, let's be realistic, but this standard for many has bigger percentage of people who aren't watching to study camera and production technique. This is a real audience.

Income. More over $60k than under. Stop hawkin' t-shirts – start selling bigger ticket items.

Online Buying Habits. 95% had made a purchase online. Connect that to the previous comment and you have some very interesting monetization strategies.

Video Source. 68% of survey participants said they watch online. Is the number too high? Would those watching at the site be more inclined to click over to the survey? Not sure how the survey was done so this one does need to be examined.

Thanks Andrew for getting us some good numbers. Thank you Rob for providing some
much needed validation for numbers like these.

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