Getting Pickled

UPDATE: Turns out I was right. Details here.

UPDATE: Additional comments on the numbers (by me) here.

I couldn't get past the name.

And I'm still not sure if she is “my audience.”

But you have to admire the “Pickle.”

Podcast Pickle that is.

Time Magazine rated the Pickle one of the top “50 Coolest Websites” of 2006.

They passed in reach yesterday. Here are the stats live from Alexa:

(it's a live update so people reading this as archive will see the records for whatever day they are reading this on (those reading this by rss, it's javascript – so you might have to click on over)):

That's right, the solo “Pickle” game is beating 15 million in venture capital for reach.

You can't ignore the pickle (or her numbers at least).

Now, I'll say this right out – a good chunk of the audience are Podcasters. But then again, so are the audiences of any Podcast network or directory right now.

And, heck, even if the Pickle were the only one with a majority of Podcasters in her audience, she still has a bigger audience than most of the players out there.

Pickle me impressed.


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