The 2007 eMarketer Podcast Advertising Report (From What I’ve Seen)

I have an advanced copy of the eMarketer Podcast Advertising Report. Interesting read (and much longer than last year’s version).

NOTICE: It was an “advanced” copy so I’m sure some things have changed. I’ll post any important updates when I get the final report and link to them here.

One initial comment is that the Google element of this report (that got so much press last week) is quite minor in relationship to everything else. The “coming” Google Adsense for Podcasting is mentioned (and critiqued by one industry source) – but not quite the definitive play that it felt like (to me and Techmeme) last week. There are other projections early in the report (like the $400 million in 2011 we heard a few zillion times last week) but the source material for them is a bit wanting without those magical Google numbers.

Note: Nobody else has a report I claim is better so we need to position this critique accordingly.

eMarketer starts with a solid look at audience size and numbers. Good stuff there that deals with the very different numbers you hear from different people. They did a great job of bringing that all together to some logical conclusions. She’s a solid primer if you need these numbers.

Also good breakdowns of how people consume their Podcast content – phone, computer, portable devices, etc.

One interesting angle was a small examination of Podcast consumer shopping habbits (reminded me of the Rocketboom numbers released earlier).

But … it is the “Potential and Pitfalls” area that (I would guess) hopes to set it apart from reports so far.

And this is where I think the report lacks a little. The source material for this section is two studies, both of which are quite small in scope, and two additional quotes from some players in our space. I don’t feel this part of the report is complete and hope I can write in a day or two that they beefed this part up in a later version than what I saw.

Is the 2007 report worth picking up? The new content on the growth of our industry certainly surpasses what they offered last year and the research time required to pull something like that off will certainly be more than the asking price. If you need this content, grab it.

However, if you are looking for solid projections and strategies for a “what’s next?’ attack on this space, I’d suggest this isn’t the report for you … yet.

Again, as mentioned at the beginning of this this piece, I got an early release of the report. I’m sure I’ll hear back from the good people at eMarketer as a result of this post and I hope to have some additional information to give to you soon.

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