I Need A Batch of Podcast-Production-For-Hire Types

When Podcast Secrets launches, we'll be introducing the bizzare concept that not everyone should be producing their own Podcasts. It's part of “Easecasting.”

Heresy you say?

The only Podcaster at last year's PME that drew so many people that they had to shut the doors (and not allow some people in): Do you remember his production studio and technology setup?

Twas a minidisk recorder if I remember right.

There are some people out there with great content who shouldn't be worrying about RSS or anything else. Their focus should be (and will be) producing content and handing said content to people who can make the content appear on my iPod.

So, if you do this for a living, have a rate card and some references we can check, I'd love to send some business your way.

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