More Fun (And Truth) With Stats

When I wrote the post on Wednesday about Podcast Pickle, I really was just setting out to write a piece about how their impact and positioning has really surprised me. In a world where Odeo (check my archives – I’ve been a huge fan) is up for sale, everything just seems fascinating right now.

I hopped over to Alexa to get some perspective. I compared them to Podshow (again for perspective) and what do you know, they “appeared” to beat them that day. I figured I’d mention it – with a live link to Alexa. I’ll post that chart again:

Notice anything? Yeah, it looked like Alexa had a hiccup that day.

But boy did it start something.

They started chatting about it at “the Pickle.”

We got Dugg.

Adam Curry made a few comments that got a lot of the anti-Curry types to respond in force.

And then, guess what …

As you can tell from the chart, Alexa changed their results and now there is no “beating” of Podshow by Pickle.

Both Curry and the Podcast Brothers (2/23/2007) (now there’s a match-up) made comment on the changes before I got a chance to post the update.

Always fascinating.

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