London Calling Paul For The Corporate Podcasting Summit

We’re just 20 days away from the Corporate Podcasting Summit Europe. I love London (it will be trip #9), I love British beer (won’t give you that number), and (since I grew up in Europe) it will be good to see what they’re up to in this space. Trust you me this – they’re as excited and forward thinking as we are. I’ve already had numerous contacts from German, Dutch and British organizations all looking to meet up at the event.

Just look at the case study list: I may be the chairman for this event, but I’ll be taking a ton of notes as well. The programme is loaded with the kind of content that any Profitable Podcaster would want. Notice that most of the presentations are just 30 minutes – so there should be no time for fluff.

In the category of “interesting timing,” the preview teleseminar for Podcast Secrets takes place 6p Pacific on the 20th (you heard it here first). I’ll be making that call from my hotel room. That’s right, 2 a.m. Wednesday morning for me. For anything else, I’d pre-record the presentation – but this call needs to be live. You’ll see why if you get on the call.

So, as I’m in one of my favorite cities on the planet teaching and learning about the wonders of timeshifted portable media, I’ll be atached to a (I’ll bet you) chorded phone at 2 a.m. so that the Californians can hear what I have to say about it before they watch American Idol.

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