Offers More Than Blog Content (Here)?

Yes, it’s true. There is more to our week than the witty elements of this Blog. Here are a few of our favorite things:

  • Big Seminar 9 launched this week and we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be publishing every one of the Big Seminar Preview calls as a Big Seminar Live episode.
  • published show 50 this week with a few thoughts on where we’ve come from (and where we’re going). We also couldn’t be more thrilled that Podcast Tools (and Profitable Podcasting) have been asked to join Jason Van Orden’s “Podcast Mastery” network.
  • The Podcast Secrets $20 (for this audience at least) Preview Call is on March 20th at 6p Pacific. It will be 2am for me as I’ll be in London chairing the Corporate Podcasting Summit. Talk about about a time when I’d rather be time-shifting. Oh yes, we’ll be bringing this fact up on the call.
  • is now offering the “Podcast Quick” package that some people seem to love so much. This is truly a function-over-form type of offer – but people have been asking for it, … so here it is!

Have a great weekend – what’s left of it at least.

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