Apple TV Is Gonna Do The “Game” Thing?

Update: Gizmodo claims this is bunk.

The good guys at Engadget did some poking around the new iTunes release to see what they could learn about the “Apple TV is a gaming device” rumors that have been floating around the net.

the newly revised software contains no less than two dozen text strings relating to game management, including juicy details about syncing games, alerts about lack of space, and warnings about attempts to transfer unauthorized games to the Apple TV

Remember, all this means is that it is in the software – not automatically part of what I’m still waiting to be delivered to my home (latest update from the Apple store give me a guestimated delivery date of 3/23).

But fascinating stuff none the less.

Anything that puts more Apple TV boxes on the televisions of potential new Podcast consumers is o.k. by me!

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