The Last Word On The Podshow / Pickle Alexa Traffic Question

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This Blog Post re Podcast Pickle got a lot of attention – and not for the reasons I thought it would. I simply was writing a piece about how Podcast Pickle has caught my attention (by among other things, passing Podshow in Alexa Traffic the day I posted the note).

It was picked up at the Pickle (yeah, sure, surprise!), Podcast Brothers, School of Podcasting, and even (Podshow’s) Curry made a comment or two.

And then the numbers appeared to “change” (read Curry’s post). I pointed out my “mistake” – as did plenty of others.

I’m big enough to comment when a mistake has been made.

Funny thing is – it wasn’t my mistake at all. Turns out Alexa “smooths” the chart points after a day or so to get you a better idea of trends. If you look at the screenshot above, you’ll notice that the “Smoothing” is set to “0” and low and behold, Podcast Pickle did pass Podshow (in Alexa traffic only) twice last month.

So, my reporting was good – and Alexa didn’t burp.

Now, as per Curry’s comments – traffic isn’t their model. And as noted here, they did 52 million “download requests” in December of 2006. That’s a very impressive number set and … he is right, the comparison between Podshow and Pickle in this arena is about as valid as comparing Pickle to

For those (interested and still) following, the chart below maintains the last month of stats:

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