As Tivo and Amazon Unbox Team Up – Is “Tivocasting” A Viable Channel?

The Amazon Unbox on Tivo channel is now live. Tivo owners can rent/buy anything from the Amazon Unbox store. Hurry up and get your copy of The Lake House today!

In February, I wrote of the “back door” option for Amazon Unbox
. Now anyone with a DVD master can publish PPV directly to Tivo owners.

This is part of the “Multiple Paid Content Mechanisms” predicted back in 2006. The question now is simple – is “Tivocasting” a viable channel?

I sold my Tivo as part of the Year of Living Digitally experiment so I can’t tell you how smooth the interface is – but we know how Tivo does things.

And because this is Tivo, I’m thrilled with what it means to all of us.

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