Dynamic Ad Insertion Over At PodcastTools.com And Podcasting’s Bright Future

PodcastTools.com has always been my little Podcasting baby. We’ve changed formats more than a few dozen times – but I like the groove I’m in now and I think I’ll keep it.

We also just joined Jason Van Orden’s Podcast Mastery Network over at Podango – and are thrilled to be part of that as well.

But, this ain’t the reason for my posting.

I’ve been alpha testing the Gigavox Audio Lite system (with Podcast Tools and a few other shows) and it’s working like a charmer. I ran a set of ads for GoToWebinar last month and am running a new set of ads for someone else this month.

No, I won’t tell you who we’re running ads for – you’ll need to subscribe to the Podcast Tools Weekly update in iTunes directly to find out.

How long did it take me to change the ads across the shows? About 5 minutes – total.

And in April we’ll have a new ad. I hope to get the insertion time down to 4 minutes.

And we’ll report here on the results. We’re doing some very fun / very cool ad insertion tests that I’ll report on here at the numbers come out. Stay tuned.

Anyway, Podcasting is entering into a new age. Production is faster than it has ever been, tools like Gigavox are allowing us to do things we’ve never been able to do before and we have a number of new channels to shoot our content down that makes this game even more profitable than ever before.

One of my main reasons for assembling Podcast Secrets is the simple fact that the fastest way to master something is to teach it – and the stuff I’m collecting to teach is, well, only pointing towards Podcasting’s Bright Future.

Join me as we press ahead.

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