Where Are You At In Podcasting?

Unconcious Incompetence – You don't know what you don't know.

Concious Incompetence – You know what you don't know.

Concious Competence – You know it and you are doing it.

Unconcious Competence – You are just doing it.

I remember at Gnomedex 2005 when Adam Curry recorded DSC #200 in front of a studio audience. My mouth was on the floor as I watched an expert broadcaster do his “thing” with the same ease that some people breath. Listen to it – no prep, no nothing, he just did it – and it was a killer show.

I've been pushing the “Podcast as channel” meme – and still believe it strongly. But, we also need more Podcasters who can produce some killer shows with unconcious competence. This only comes when concious competent does this so many times that they ease into unconcious competence.

Imagine learning how to drive, ride a bike, etc. It's like that.

Paul's encouragement of the day – figure out where you are – and plan your progression to the next step.

And, if you're at unconcious competence, think about helping other Podcasters get to that point.

I don't even mind if you charge for it and I'll give you some free advertising space here.

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