Full Edison Media Report Is Live

The full numbers from the report Frank Barnako translated as “Anemic growth for podcast listening” is available online. Click here for Edison Media’s “The Podcast Audience Revealed – New 2007 Podcasting Statistics.

Here’s a summary for those who don’t like pie charts: the “concept” of Podcasting is continuing to grow, the audience gets more and more ideal every day, but the growth in audience size ain’t what it should be.

But do read it for yourself.

What do we do with these numbers? Pout and head for the hills?

… or …

Take leadership and get more people consuming the ideal media paradigm.

I’ll take option “B.”

I ain’t over jet lag yet, but I still see tremendous opportunity and read nothing in the report that makes me see anything but great days ahead.

The report’s recommendation that we “Start promoting benefits of podcasts, not features” should be our rallying cry and our next step. We always “knew” Podcasts we going to let us do great things, now we have proof.

We just need more people consuming them.

Microsoft? Where are you? You’re Podcasting in England, not here (did I let the cat out of the bag?). Why not? Want to be declared the ones the helped turn this industry from cool to profitable? That should help your press.

Apple, are you going to open iTunes up to us normal folk so that we can get into your ecommerce system? Keep a piece of the action – we’d be thrilled to give you it – and I imagine your shareholders would like that we well. I bet you’ll make more from us than you do the record labels.

Google? When searching Podcasts is as easy as searching the Web, we’ll all do better. I sure hope someone doesn’t do to you what you did to Yahoo.

I hope you get the idea.

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