Apple TV – This Podcaster’s Review

So, Scoble likes the Apple TV – surprise, surprise, eh?

Here are my takes on it

  • Easiest setup ever. Why does everyone else make things so hard?
  • Gorgeous interface. This is everything Microsoft Media Center wants to be, but simply isn't.
  • I'm frustrated that I can't get rented movies (Unbox) or music (Zune) on this. If I could, it would be perfect. Now, I'm stuck with some stuff on my Apple TV and some stuff on my Xbox.
  • The movie preview streaming is, without a doubt, a vision of what's to come. Gorgeous HD video on demand, at the click of a button.
  • I wish Podcasts and Television weren't seperate categories. I know why they are but I really want to have Rocketboom next to The Office and Digg Nation next to Meet The Press. You get the idea.
  • I only have one show on Season Pass right now. How incredible would it be to just run your Apple TV and see if your favorite show is there. A whole season of TV completed integrated and automated. Wow. Funny thing is, we have that in the Podcast area already ;-).
  • I've been trying to watch Podcasts on my television as part of my Year Of Living Digitally project. It just got a lot easier and a lot prettier.

More stuff to come, but color me very very very impressed.

My wife commented “Now this is the way it should be done.” I have to agree.

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