Am I The Only One Not Interested In The “Public Radio” Quest? Why Is Podshow The Only One That Gets Called Evil?

Bandwagon jumping alert …

UPDATE: More comments from me here.

So, public radio is going American Idol on us and looking for their “Public Radio Talent Quest.”


That’s right, you the Podcaster can give up the ability to control what you say, when you say it, how you say it, etc. for the life of the show that “the public” owns. You might even get to move. Yay!

Something tells me this won’t be a show you produce from your own studio.

Underwritten by oil, mutual fund, and drug companies of course.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for CPB, and I’m glad they’re there, it’s just that us Podcasters have gone the path we have not because we’re frustrated radio DJs, but because we are frustrated with the radio DJ scene.

I guess there is a “beat ’em by joining them” angle here that some might want to take – but not me.

Simply said, I’m not conviced that there is a Podcasting soul out there with “talent to win” who couldn’t take the same effort they put into bringing clicks to CPB and producing great content for CPB, who couldn’t do the same for themselves. They’d also be MUCH better off in the end.

And, by the way, after you’ve done all that, you’d own the content, not CPB.

At least the winner of Idol gets a record contract (and possibly lipo). Here you’ll get some cash, no guarantees, and you just gave public radio a lot of your hard effort. You also spent a great deal of time producing content for them and sending audience share their way.

Do you really think they’re going to give a “newbie” a show? This is just positioning.

Important: As of publication, CPB hasn’t even published the rules for this program (and the page has been up for more than two months now). That’s right, they’re asking you to join without telling you what the rules are.

That, dear friends, should scream loud and clear that they’re cashing in on our buzz. And several Podcasters are looking to let them.

Why is is that CPB can get away with doing the very thing everyone says Podshow is “evil” for doing?

At least Podshow at least tells you the rules and let’s you negotiate accordingly.

If you want to hand over the “business stuff” to someone else, I can point you to a number of options far better.

And, dear friends, I dare say Podshow would be one of them.

In addition, I bet this audience has a higher goal than winning “the American Idol of Podcasting For Public Radio.”

As the old joke goes, second prize is two shows on public radio.

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