Apple TV – The Bloggers Got It Wrong

Apple TV changes all the rules. And it ain’t for the reasons everyone is talking about in the Blogs.

The hackability, although very cool, will only result in customers feeling good about their purchase.

The “grab the software while you still can” crowd are a minority.

The “picture is grainy” complainers are the same types who thought that whole MP3 thing would never take off because of the “sound quality.”

People, this is “an iPod for our television.” That same coolness level that the iPod brought is now in our homes.

Setup was, honestly, insanely easy.

My wife took one look at the remote and said “Good, now can we get rid of that Xbox thing?” Twasn’t an issue of HD versus rented content versus whatever. It was an issue of this is a remote she felt good about using.

My 6 year old daughter picked it up and was watching Dora in a minute or so.

I’ve already been contacted by one major content provider who wants to look at distributing content via this channel.

And you have to believe Apple has something up their sleeves.

This isn’t “yet another Internet on the TV device” any more than the iPod was “yet another MP3 player.”

Everyone else is now, officially, in catch up mode.

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